Media and press coverage

17/03/2022 – Interview for Newsweek (UK/USA), “Russian Threat to Create Military Space Station Dismissed by Experts”.

15/03/2022 – Interview for The Telegraph (UK), “Could this astronaut be the first space hostage?”:

11/03/2022 – Interview for Nature (USA), “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is redrawing the geopolitics of space”:

11/03/2022 – Interview for Les Échos (France), “Menaces sur l’ISS, rover européen sur Mars… : le conflit en Ukraine met le spatial sens dessus dessous”:

25/02/2022 – Interview for the AFP (USA/France), see for example “U.S.-Russia Tensions Spill Into Space”, Moscow Times:

13/12/2021 – Radio coverage and interview for the book La fabrique de l’astronaute, Radio France International, “Décryptage”.écryptage/20211213-la-fabrique-des-astronautes-les-coulisses-d-une-formation-éprouvante.

03/12/2021 – Review essay of La fabrique de l’astronaute by Anne Both, Le Monde

05/10/2021 – “Repolitiser l’espace : ce qu’un film en orbite dit de la stratégie spatiale russe”, A.O.C. Media, Online.

10/12/2020 – Essay “Ce qu’implique le Commercial Crew Program pour une sociologie de l’entraînement des astronautes“,  Humanités Spatiales.

26/10/2020 – 2020 Critical Mediations Salon Series on Materiality (online due to the Covid-19), University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Roundtable including researchers and art practitioners.

11/05/2020 – Essay “Les origines culturelles du vol habité européen”, Humanités Spatiales.

23/10/2019 – Essay “Beyond terrestrial norms: imagining urban life in outer space”, Strelka MagazineOnline.

24/08/2019 – Institute of Arts and Crafts, Saint-Petersburg (ХОРСЪ Центр Искусстви Ремёсел, Russia).Lecture “Photography, social science and indigenous knowledge”.

31/01/2019 – French Institute of Saint-Petersburg (Russia). Performed conference « Le Cyborg, l’idéologue et la cosmonaute : incarner les techniques dans l’exploration spatiale soviétique » [The Cyborg, the ideologist, and the cosmonaut: embedding technologies at the Soviet space age]. « Night of Ideas », annual manifestation of science communication.

09/12/2017 – Radio interview about my research and space policy, RCF.

11/09/2016 – Guest speaker at the art and communication event “Dépasser les bornes”, part of the exhibition Constellation.s. at the Center of architecture “Arc en rêve” of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bordeaux – Publication resulting from the debate: “A political sociology of the orbital inhabiting” published online in May 2017 and available at

09/2016 – Essay “Rosetta/Philae : retour sur une mission touchdown” (with Arnaud Saint-Martin), Ciel & Espace, n°549.

19/10/2015 – Column “Mars, au cœur du star-system” [about Mars settlements programs], Le Monde “Sciences & Médecine”.

12/2015 – Essay “Comment ne pas élaborer un discours scientifique. Note exploratoire sur les épistémologies féministes du point de vue”, Carnet Zilsel.