Welcome! I am a sociologist | professional diver | photographer | documentary filmmaker. I also pilot light aircrafts and train for acrobatic flight whenever I’m not underwater or wandering around with a camera. This diverse range of expertises helps me better apprehending (or so I hope!) my topic of predilection: astronaut activities.

My Ph.D. dissertation (defended in 2018) emphasised European-Russian relations through the astronaut training and daily organisation of the International Space Station programme. This research was the first ethnographical survey of the ISS programme, now followed by the ERC funded ETHNO-ISS project (to cite only a few). I served in university positions in France and Russia while doing fieldwork around the world, before developing photography and filmmaking as part of my research activities – feel free to take a look at these in the “art projects” section.

As a certified technical diver (especially cave diving), a commercial diver (CAH IIA | IDSA 3), and a PADI Divemaster, I’m also developing research initiatives, art projects and exploration expeditions at the intersection of outer space and the oceans, including on underwater space habitats simulations, autonomous space suits and life support systems, and space stations debris immersed in the Pacific Ocean. I’m investigating this outer space/deep sea nexus both as a practitioner and researcher, at the intersection of environmental politics, suit engineering, architecture and human factors.

My media presence, non-academic publications, and some policy analysis can be browsed on this page: https://juliepatarinjossec.com/media/.

You can reach me at: patarinjossec.julie[at]gmail[dot]com.

Feel also free to follow me/reach out on Instagram (@juliepatarinjossec) and LinkedIn (Julie Patarin Jossec, PhD).