Welcome! I am a scholar in international political sociology working on human spaceflight. My Ph.D. dissertation (defended in 2018) was dedicated to a micro-sociology of European-Russian relations through the astronaut training in Russia as part of the International Space Station program.

Currently a lecturer in sociology in a French curriculum at the State University of Saint-Petersburg (Russia), I mainly teach introduction to political sociology, ethnography, and visual methods.

While I started research in Science and Technology Studies – which led me to analyze the International Space Station through its scientific utilization –, an emphasis on the training as a carnal and moral education increasingly led me to focus on gender and racial power relationships as they frame the exploration and uses of the outer space. Art-based practices are an important part of this research orientation, as I work out photography and ethnographic cinema both as methods of investigation (including ethnophotography and photo-elicitation) and pedagogical instruments to enhance the transmission of social scientific knowledge.

As part of this keen interest in visual methods, I recently started to develop artistically projects – you are welcome to check out about this in the “art-based projects” sections. A keen and long-term interest in architecture and design once melted with my research about human spaceflights and impending long-term crewed missions, also led me to reflect further on living conditions in the outer space – in terms of spatial lexicon, uses of the environment and relations to the bodies. Some non-scholars writings and further details on this are available in the very same section “art-based projects”.

Credits photo: Edgar Martins.