Welcome! I am a social scientist by education, professional diver, extreme environment explorer & photographer, and audiovisual artist. I also Co-Edit an academic journal centered around visual and art-based methods (Visual Studies).

My Ph.D. dissertation (defended in 2018) emphasised European-Russian relations through the astronaut training and daily organisation of the International Space Station programme. This research was the first ethnographical survey of the ISS programme and led to a few publications, including the monograph La fabrique de l’astronaute: Ethnographie terrestre de la Station Spatiale Internationale (Manufacturing the astronaut: an earthly ethnography of the International Space Station, Petra, 2021). For several years, I served in university Lecturer positions in France and Russia while doing fieldworks around the world, before further developing documentary and experimental lens-based practice.

As a certified technical diver (especially cave diving), a commercial diver (CAH IIA | IDSA 3), and a PADI Divemaster, I’ve developped several research initiatives and projects at the intersection of outer space and the oceans. For instance, this includes a documentary project around space debris immersed in the Pacific Ocean and Arctic North Water Polynya. I’m investigating this outer space-deep sea nexus both as a practitioner and researcher, at the intersection of environmental politics, visual art, and non-Western and Feminist knowledge.

My media presence and non-academic publications can be browsed on this page: https://juliepatarinjossec.com/media/. The rest is in the publication section (Vita webpage), although this might not always be up-to-date…

You can reach me at: patarinjossec.julie[at]gmail[dot]com.
Feel also free to follow updates and/or reach out via Instagram (@juliepatarinjossec), LinkedIn (Julie Patarin Jossec, PhD), or the Royal Society of Arts fellowship online space (Julie Patarin-Jossec).

Credits: Julie Patarin-Jossec, drawing from Storytelling of Water (Immaterial Books, forthcoming in 2023).