Hello there! I am a visual studies scholar and photographer, especially working with/in underwater environments. I also Co-Edit an academic journal centered around visual and art-based methods (Visual Studies).

My Ph.D. dissertation (2018) was about the colonial politics of outer space exploration and the social dynamics of astronaut training. This research was seminal in developing ethnographic approaches of the International Space Station and led to a few publications, including the monograph La fabrique de l’astronaute: Ethnographie terrestre de la Station Spatiale Internationale (Manufacturing the astronaut: an earthly ethnography of the International Space Station, Petra, 2021). For several years, I served in university Lecturer positions in France and Russia while doing fieldworks around the world, before further developing lens-based practice and diving.

As a certified technical diver and pro diver (CAH IIA | IDSA 3, PADI Divemaster), I’ve developped several projects at the intersection of outer space and the oceans. For instance, this included documentary projects around space debris immersed in the Pacific Ocean and Arctic North Water Polynya. I’ve investigated this outer space-deep sea nexus at the intersection of environmental politics, visual art, and non-Western and Feminist knowledge.

My current work explores gender-based violence (sexual assault) and ecological damage, using a wide variety of methods. Including underwater (analog) photography, interviews, and ethnography, this body of work articulates photography ethics and Feminist environmental humanities.

My media presence and non-academic publications can be browsed on this page: https://juliepatarinjossec.com/media/. The rest is in the publication section (Vita webpage), although this might not always be up-to-date…

You can reach me at: patarinjossec.julie[at]gmail[dot]com.
Feel also free to reach out via Instagram (@juliepatarinjossec), LinkedIn (Julie Patarin Jossec, PhD), or the Royal Society of Arts’ “Circle” fellowship platform (Julie Patarin-Jossec).

Credits: Julie Patarin-Jossec, drawing from The Thread of Water (Immaterial Books, forthcoming in 2023).