Welcome! I am a scholar in space politics, diver and apprentice pilot.

My Ph.D. dissertation (defended in 2018, University of Bordeaux) was a micro-sociology of European-Russian relations through the astronaut training and daily organisation of the International Space Station programme. This research was the first ethnographical survey of the ISS programme, now followed by the ERC funded ETHNO-ISS project (to cite only a few).

Between 2018 and 2021, I’ve been a lecturer at the State University of Saint-Petersburg (Russia), where I taught introduction to sociology, ethnography, visual methods and space policy.

While I started research in Science and Technology Studies, an increasing emphasis on the astronaut training as a “carnal and moral” education led me to focus on the materiality of space politics — and how this materiality (through bodies and artefacts) convey political meanings and affects. Art-based practices are an important part of this research orientation, as I work out photography and ethnographic cinema both as methods of investigation and pedagogical instruments in my teaching.

As part of this keen interest in visual methods, I recently started to develop art-based projects – you are welcome to check out about this in the “art-based projects” and “publications” sections.

As a certified diver fascinated by sea depths, I’m also developing research and policy projects at the intersection of outer space and the oceans, including on space stations and cargos debris immersed in the Pacific Ocean (Spacecraft cemetery). More to come on this soon!

Credits photo: Edgar Martins.