Artist Statement

“Reclaim the Ground” is an essay documentary film grounded in the documentary poetics genre, and includes an original experimental soundtrack. The film is structured around ecofeminist statements highlighting the cultural politics of daily pollution via littering in natural environments.

La sociologie comme elle s’apprend is the filmic narrative of a learning process: both the learning of a discipline (with its scientific norms, analytic frames and methods) and the development of critical thinking on the social. Emphasizing the articulation between the global dimension of sociology (for instance, through the international circulation of French sociology’s theories) and the local particular reality of fieldwork in a provincial town in Russia, this documentary follows Russian students at the Collège Universitaire Français of Saint-Petersburg who, for most, discover what doing sociology and ethnography means. View on the IVSA website: https://visualsociology.org/?p=6946.