Art-based projects

Past projects

2020. Creation of a photography series for the book Manufacturing the astronaut.

On-Going projects

Photography Essay: “Undressing the Icon”

Detailed project available upon request. Series of astronauts and cosmonauts portraits, started in 2020.

Behind each person who detains a certain power (either symbolic, political, or economic), a question raises: who is he/she? What is his/her personalities, fears, hopes, and obsessions? ‘Undressing the icon’ is not only about telling part of people’s story through a portrait: it is about telling an untold story, discrete, hidden yet absolutely unavoidable truth. To be as close to the being as possible, behind all the thickness of social representation, attributions, obligations—inside the spacesuit. To make feel something ravaging, powerful. To release the model, the icon, and the (wo)man perspiring from the most humble part of the individual. This project proposes a reflection on social representations and cultural imaginaries surrounding the human space exploration, introducing a deconstructed representation of actual astronauts and cosmonauts, evolving between the two spectrums of their social existence: icon and (wo)men.

Documentary film: “Ad Astra” (feature-length film)

Conceptual file available upon request. Feature-length ethnographic film shooted in France, Russia, South Africa, UAE. In production since 2019.

Ad Astra is the narration of the cultural heritage that frames current space exploration programs, and explores collective imaginaries related to the outer space to reflect on future living conditions off our home planet. Involving astronauts, space-policy makers, engineers, social scientists, and designers, the film aims to investigate revolutionary ways to conceive daily life, dwelling and working as part of space settlements, partly inspired by strategies developed in postcolonial and emerging space faring nations. Emphasizing collective imaginaries related to the outer space to reflect on future living conditions off our home planet and questioning the social influences of our imagination regarding the future of space exploration, it discusses current and innovative ways to conceive daily life as part of space settlements.

Documentary film: “Looking for the Afronauts” (short-film)

Conceptual file available upon request. To be released in 2021 as part of a postdoctoral fellowship (‘Atlas’ program, FMSH/IFAS-Recherche).

Future decades will feature the launch of settlements on the Moon, and maybe even on Mars. Developed within space powers engaged in human space exploration since a long time (Russia, the United-States, Canada, Japan, China, and the member-states of the European Space Agency), such programs appear to reproduce rhetorics and social logics inherited from colonial exploration. Thus, how could the sociopolitical path of African countries (such as South Africa and Zambia) highlight the relationship between space policy, cosmologies, and reconstruction of national identities? Based on interviews with artists, social scientists, and staff from the South Africa national space agency, this documentary emphasizes how the willingness of human space programs can actively contribute to a reappropriation of international space norms and support processes of identity politics.

Documentary film: “Travelling sociology” [FR] (short-film)

Conceptual file available upon request. Shooted in Russia. To be released in 2021.

Travelling sociology est la mise en récit cinématographique d’un processus d’apprentissage : non seulement celui d’une discipline de sciences sociales, avec ses cadres d’analyses et ses outils méthodologiques ; mais également celui d’un regard critique sur le social. S’intéressant à la manière dont s’articulent la dimension globale de la sociologie et la spécificité des contextes sociaux, culturels et politiques nationaux, il suit le parcours d’étudiants russes au Collège Universitaire Français de Saint-Pétersbourg qui, pour la plupart, y découvrent la sociologie.