Current position (since Fall 2018)

Lecturer, State University of Saint-Petersburg (Collège Universitaire Français), since Fall 2018

General sociology

General sociology course with MA Russian students, including qualitative methods (interviews, ethnographical methods, research in archives, visual sociology), history of sociology, and thematic lectures (cultural studies, science studies, political theory, and international relations). Supervision of master’s degree thesis, and organization of intensive fieldwork internships with State Universities of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Introduction to science studies and epistemology” (Fall 2018)

Basic sociology of scientific knowledge course with BA students in humanities.

Previous teaching positions

Teaching assistant, University of Bordeaux, Falls 2016 and 2017

“Authors & texts”

Seminar based on the study of “classical” works in sociology (P. Bourdieu, E. Durkheim, N. Elias, E. Goffman, M. Mauss, M. Weber) and theorization in social sciences.

“Documents & synthesis”

Method seminar with undergraduate students about press reviews and analysis of social and political news, thematic synthetic reviews about issues in the contemporary society.

“Facts and analysis”

Method seminar with under graduate students about quantitative analysis of the contemporary society (statistics on population, measuring inequalities, etc.).


Introduction to observation and ethnographic methods with undergraduate students.

“Collective survey and qualitative analysis”

Seminar with undergraduate students about qualitative methods of inquiry, including the supervision of collective researc hprojects (4-5 students per groups, 35 students in total) from the phases of problematization to the processing ofdata.

“State thought and political bodies: Bourdieu and Marxism”

Designed and taught lecture with MA students about Pierre Bourdieu field’s theory and Marxist approaches (Poulantzas, Gramsci, Althusser) in their common apprehension of the “State apparatus”.